How big are the Kombi vans?

Driving size of each van is 2.1m high x 1.8m wide x 4.4m long. This is the absolute minimum clearance size for driving through carports or garages. In party mode with the top popped and the bar open, each van is 3m high x 2.3m wide x 4.4m long.

Where can I have a party?

You can have a party at your house, or at any other private (non council or public premises) venue with our full liquor license. If you would like to have a party on council property – like at a public park – then special permits and a license need to be obtained. VW Bars can try to arrange this for you.

Where can the van be parked?

We can park the van anywhere within the boundary of the property, providing it fits (see ‘How big is the Kombi van?’ to see if it will fit where you would like it – we will not park the van on the curb or nature strip. For public safety reasons, parties held in the front yard will usually require adequate fencing – however this is determined on a case by case basis. If you are unsure and would like a front yard party, we can assess your property for suitability.

Do I need any special permits or licences?

VW Bars is Licensed and insured for private residences, so if your party is at home or at a private venue then the simple answer is no. If you would like a party somewhere which is not covered by our current full liquor license, then a separate one-off license and permit will need to be obtained. VW Bars can attempt to do this for you.

I’d like to serve a specific drink, do you stock it?

VW Bars serves top-quality alcohol and wines, and a wide range of beers – however if there’s something special you would like served at your event then we are usually able to accommodate it. If there is a special drink you’d like included, or would like to re-name the drinks to fit your theme we can do this as well. We can even arrange a round of special drinks to kick-off your event like a champagne toast, or a round of jelly-shots.

What if some of my guests won’t be drinking?

Our open bar packages are priced to take into account that not everybody will drink a lot of alcohol – likewise we do not charge extra for heavy drinkers. If you are likely to have a large amount of guests who aren’t drinking a lot, then a cash-bar package may be better suited to your event.

What if I don’t know how many people will attend?

No problem. As long as you can provide a rough estimate (providing the figure does not change dramatically), we can give you a quote based on an estimated number of guests. Final numbers can be given 7 days before the date of the party so we can adequately stock for the event. If you aren’t able to get a rough estimate of number of guests, then a cash-bar package may be better suited to your event.

What needs to be available at my place for setup?

Not much – we need access to a sink area or a tap, and access to a power-point if one is available. If there is no accessible power point then we have a generator that can be used in place – however this is at an additional charge.

What time can my party run until?

For events on Friday and Saturday nights, we are licensed to serve until midnight. Most of our events are booked to run from 7 or 8pm until 11pm or 12am. If you would like service after this time then a one-off license must be obtained for your event. VW Bars can attempt to arrange this for you. For events on other days of the week, check with us.